Cat toilet training

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Products include:

1) a white toilet mat plate.

2) 3 training set, red, orange, green, respectively.

3) 1 English instruction/manual.

4) Without DVD (Due to customs prohibition)

Training time:6-8weeks

Training is divided into three stages:
1, red solid disk set in white chassis, inside filled with cat litter, in the original basin used to replace the position of this litter cat litter, let cats used to use the toilet.2 to 3 days later, near to the toilet, and then gradually moved to the toilet, let cats used to jump on the toilet.This process needs about 7 to 10 days.
2, the red disc replacement for the middle disk with a hole in orange, reduce the amount of cat litter, and cats used to the water inside the toilet, this process requires constant about 1 to 2 weeks.
3, the orange disc replacement for the green disc, the disc hole will be orange disc larger than before.To reduce the dosage of cat litter, until there is no cat sand can in on discharge after using the toilet, removing the toilet, retain only white chassis, this process takes about 4 weeks.


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